GIMME Vending


Gimme Vending is a revolutionary way for vending machine operators to communicate with their machines, and it’s growing like crazy. When we first met them, it was just two cofounders. The vending machine is as complex as it is archaic. They needed help quickly explaining their solution to investors in an easy to understand way while also demonstrating credibility.

How We Did It

We decided that pitching to investors is a lot like pitching to a crowdfunding audience (something we already had success with) only a bit more sophisticated. For their video we decided on a high end, glossy look to lend credibility. For example, we used a lighting design that is often used in couture fashion. We also kept all the B Roll shots (all the extra shots added over the interview) super smooth and fluid. At the same time, since budget was a major concern, we filmed all three interviews in the same location to minimize cost. We also chose to include their only customer at the time to provide additional credibility. All together it was a winning combination that had them closing their funding round in no time. Check out below for their video which involved a six figure camera and taking a sledgehammer to a $3,000 device. Crazy.