We are beyond excited and honored to have been awarded the “Marketing for Good” award at this year’s 60th annual AMY Awards. For the last seven years, we have always believed that it is possible to do well and do good with a business. Winning this award not only helps to prove that theory, but it helps to support and motivate us more than ever to help others and bring to light some of the amazing stories that often go overlooked and unheard.

The two projects that Friendly Human was highlighted for is our “No Home November” and our Rhino Man project. To start, we will explain a little bit about the “No Home November” story and the joy that we got out of participating in such a project. This initiative was something that we never really had in mind until the wonderful story of New Story Charity crossed our desk. New Story Charity, as described on their website, “builds safe homes and transforms slums into thriving communities”. When we heard their story, we immediately knew we had to help so we jumped into action. Their story came at the perfect time when we were already building out our new studio, so we decided to move out of the Atlanta Tech Village a month early, start an online fundraising campaign, and make our way down to Haiti to help them build houses. We went down there to not only help build houses but also tell their story by highlighting some of the thankful families and communities. This project was not about us, it was about helping those in need and helping to tell the story of an organization that brings so much joy and hope to communities that often have hard times finding it themselves. To see some of the final product, we invite you to visit this page and read more of the story, view behind the scenes pictures and view the videos produced.

The other notable project that was highlighted by the AMA was our Rhino Man project. The Rhino Man project was initially brought to our attention by now senior producer, Matt Lindenberg, but also the proud founder of the Global Conservation Corps. After self-funding three separate trips to South Africa, Friendly Human is producing a documentary that will help bring to the forefront an issue that not many people in the States even know is an issue. That is the epidemic of poaching, but specifically the epidemic of Rhino poaching. If nothing is done to save these animals quickly, they are expected to be extinct by 2020. The purpose of the documentary, however, is not about the Rhino’s themselves, but it is on the people that risk their life every day to take a bullet for the Rhino’s if the situation arises. We call them Rhino Men. With the Rhino horn selling for massive amounts of money on the market, Rhino poaching is quickly killing off a species that is so beloved and necessary to the African wildlife. It is because of the bravery of these individuals that we are lucky enough to still see them in our zoos here in the States, and so what better way to thank them then make a documentary centered around these courageous individuals. With the documentary production quickly coming to a close, we are so beyond excited to get the story out about the epidemic, but also help raise money for those men and women who stand between the Rhino and the poacher.

At Friendly Human, we strive to be the best people we can be, but beyond that, we try our best to promote the world where business owners aren’t always out for their best interest but also their local and global community’s interest. We dream of an Atlanta business community that all pushes each other to be better because at the end of the day we are all in this together.

We appreciate all of the support from AMY’s co-chair Dawn Hill and the rest of the AMA team!