Now before we get into this blog, let’s set the record straight… a good social strategy doesn’t just come down to video. While we believe video is a very important┬ápart, it ultimately comes down to creating relatable content for your audience. At Friendly Human, we pride ourselves on creating content that makes consumers stop scrolling or stop what they’re doing to listen to what we have to say. Through our unique storytelling model, we’re able to do this.

With all of that being said, video is increasingly becoming one of the most important pieces of marketing content for businesses. Whether it is a video on YouTube, Facebook or Instagram, video is what you need to be thinking about for your business. So why video? What is the advantage over pictures or other forms of content? Let’s take a look.

The Power of Storytelling…

In our digital age, the ability to tell a story is everything.

Stories are more easily told over a 2-3 minute video, rather than a series of pictures with an essay full of text.

Greater viewership…

If you see a powerful story in a well-made video, aren’t you more apt to share that than a photo? I know I am.

With that being said, according to Social Media Today, video posts to social media have on average 135% greater organic reach than photos. There are many statistics and many reasons why video is essential to your social strategy, but virality and greater reach are just one of the positives. As of recent, Facebook Live video is now ranking above any other content on Facebook, so it is going to be essential moving forward for companies to remain relevant by including this in their social strategy.

Looking at live video from an Instagram perspective, we all now by default get notifications telling us when our friends are live, don’t we? If you ask me, they’re pretty damn annoying. However, think about this from a company perspective… seems like a win-win.

Youtube ranks on Google…

Google loves videos.