Friendly Human: Persuasive Storytelling. Really.

That is our motto now, and that was our motto in the beginning. While our motto has remained the same, technology has anything but stayed the same. It is because of this that we as a company are constantly adapting and improving how we tell our stories. 360 video and VR is the newest way to tell stories and it is taking the country by storm.

We recently took a trip to NAB Show in Las Vegas, and we came back as a company more excited than ever for many different reasons. Be it the latest and greatest technology from Sony or Canon, but what struck us the most, probably pretty obviously from the intro and the name of the blog, were the possibilities and the future of VR and 360 videos.

Having this new technology at our fingertips makes us more excited than ever, and we really mean this which is why we have said it twice now. However, this excitement isn’t because of the fact that we are nerds (which we are), but because we can now deliver a new experience for our clients that more wholly immerses their current and potential customers. With 360 videos, the storyline starts to revolve more around the experience we are putting the customer through. We start to move around from the typical linear storyline and move that linear storyline into an experience, an experience that takes the customer on a journey. This experience will now make the user and consumer not only one more view to the analytics folks but it will make them part of something bigger. Whether it is using 360-degree video on Facebook or a more elaborate platform like VR gear, the consumer feels as though they are actually with those people they see on the screen. And even sometimes, that user forgets they aren’t actually there.

Among many other cool things we learned about at NAB, we hope that if you’re in this same space you have time to check it out for yourselves next year. The pictured 360-degree camera above is a Jaunt One, the same one we got to play with at NAB. We can’t wait to see the direction that this technology goes from here, andĀ feel free to let us know if your business has an idea in mind for how we could work together utilizing this technology.