Whether it’s Instagram Live, Facebook Live, Snapchat Video Call, FaceTime or even House Party, consumers now, more than ever, enjoy interacting with others as if they were with each other. When you look at Facebook Live from a business perspective, it just makes sense. It’s another touch point, it allows for authenticity at scale, and most importantly, Facebook loves it!

It just makes sense.

So what is Facebook Live?

Facebook Live allows a consumer or business to show their followers or friends real-time what they’re doing. It could be sightseeing, it could be cooking a great meal, or for business, it could show customers behind-the-scenes. The point of Facebook Live is to interact with people that are close to you in a scenario that makes it feel like you are with that person in real time.

3. Highest Ranking Content

It’s no secret that live video is some of the highest ranking content on Facebook, but even beyond that, most consumers get a push notification when one of their friends or local businesses “goes live”. While it only sends push notifications to those people who regularly engage with you, Facebook still will put the live video at the top of a newsfeed. It doesn’t end there. After the live video is over, Facebook will post the live video to your page for future viewing by fans who missed the stream. Pretty cool, right? Maybe only if you’re a marketing nerd like me, but that’s beside the point.

2. Authenticity

The second reason it makes sense is the notion of “authenticity at scale.” We talk a lot about that phrase here at Friendly Human, but Facebook Live is truly a way to showcase how authentic you are as a brand and as a whole company. As our CEO, Daniel Roberts, said, “Dale and her husband Eric, run the bakery I go to for bread. When you walk in, you can smell the six-day, slow proofing sourdough. Hand shaping each loaf, they have no problem being “authentic,” an ingredient just as important to their success as the whole grains they use. Authenticity at scale, however, takes a whole different set of skills.” With this in mind, it raises the question of how can a large business provide that same feel as Dale and Eric?” While there is no right answer to this question, we do think there are many ways big businesses can create this notion of authenticity not matter how big their company is. We truly believe that Facebook Live is one of these ways. It provides an outlet for consumers to see some of the leaders or workers in a business. As the viewer, you know it’s them because they’re interacting with you live on the spot. I don’t know about y’all, but that would make me trust a company.


1. Opportunities to Innovate

The number one reason to start your live video game today is that innovation around live video will define much of the coming 12-18 months of video marketing. Moving beyond a simple cell phone for recording and streaming allows marketers to create high-quality, interactive experiences. Imagine doing a Q&A with the CEO or broadcasting an event from multiple camera angles. Imagine allowing your audience to vote in real time through reactions (dramatically increase engagement and thus reach) and have that influence the outcome of the video. By prerecording story segments, you could even produce a “choose your own adventure” live video.

We recently invested in some really cool technology here at Friendly Human. We just bought a new piece of equipment that allows us to stream from anywhere using multiple cellular signals for redundancy and quality. This also allows us to use our video switcher to switch between cameras and media sources. So for the case of an event, we can have 5 cameras rolling at all times, but choose the camera that gives the viewer the best shot at the best time, or even cut to the presenter’s slide deck or video. With this same piece of equipment, we can also pre-record video and push it out to the audience as if it was live. The opportunities are pretty endless. If you want to talk more about it, let us know!

We are so excited about this wave of the future. While we may not know what the next big hit is going to be on the internet, we do know Facebook Live is the place to be right now.