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In 2009, we knew that Atlanta didn’t need just another video company. What it did need was a different one – one that’s a little friendlier. That’s where we come in. We’re Friendly Human. Shameless pitch – buy some SWAG.

It’s not only our name, but it’s also what makes us different. We are certainly human and no doubt friendly – it’s actually part of our hiring process. Living in an industry that’s notoriously not human and not friendly, we knew we had no choice but to be different. With that in mind, we created a way of thinking that’s totally different from any other company. Humans first. Our mission from the beginning has been to “create as many authentic human connections as possible.” With that, we not only preach human connections – we live them. We go out of our way to make our business about more than just money. It’s all the talk today to be a corporate socially responsible company. At Friendly Human, that’s not a new thing for us. Not because we have to, but because it’s our culture.

We go above and beyond to put client relationships first, focus on results, and live for a greater purpose. But what does it truly mean to put client relationships first? We, as your partner, will always have your best interest in mind – even if it means risking ours. The second of those things we live by is focusing on results. But what does this mean for you? It means that we will create content that converts. We’ll track how that content performs and provide you with an unedited engagement report. We don’t believe in fudging numbers to make us look better. Our clients get real numbers and real results. Lastly, living for a greater purpose is something that comes naturally to us. From the beginning, we’ve been sponsoring and donating to places like New Story Charity, The Global Conservation Corps, and Brawl for a Cause.

In short, Friendly Human is a different kind of agency. We go out of our way to be different because we don’t want to be normal. And frankly, we think the normal folks have some work to do.