Sophie Satti, Cox employee and avid dirt biker, shining light on working at Cox.

We don't create stories. We document them.

Friendly Human's purpose is to "create authentic human connections with as many people as possible." We do this by creating Authenticity At Scale, leveraging the power that brands have in our society to bring people together. Together with each other, and with your brand.

Like never before in marketing, we've entered an age of authenticity. The Saturday morning cartoon commercials of our childhood now seem more cloying than the sugary cereal they were hawking. Today people want real experiences to enjoy. Real connections to cherish. Real brands to believe in.

Like it or not, the animator's paintbrush has now been replaced with a cell phone camera. We help brands not only do well while doing good, but DO WELL BECAUSE THEY DO GOOD.



Our Culture

competitive to the core.

Remember what it’s like be on a winning team? Maybe you were in college, maybe on a sports team, but either way, everyone was giving their all. You have each other’s back. Nobody takes a break until everyone takes a break. 2 AM pizza deliveries are lunch. You live, you breathe, you bleed just one word. Victory.

We're a tribe of creators who know it is better to do life together than alone, believe that stories can change the status quo, and define winning by compassion shown.


Meritocracy is our hill to die on, so we better not lose. We do that by being laser-focused on our culture. Making sure that we work from a set of shared beliefs, goals, values, and language. Every quarter we remove ourselves from the work not to rest but to do even better work. We host world-class speakers, so we can sit at their feet and be influenced by them. And we end every year coming together to celebrate the past year’s successes.


Back when we started Friendly Human, Atlanta didn't need another agency. There were already plenty of great agencies in town. What it could use though was a different kind of company. Maybe a friendlier one. One that took the time to get to know people.

We have six core beliefs that we call our Sacred Truths. Our very first Sacred Truth is "The Golden Rule Plus." Everyone knows what the Golden Rule is, but we pause and ask ourselves how we can make it even better, every time.