Nick Smith, Amakhala, South Africa

work life integration.

It has been found in studies that employees are now, more than ever, looking for work life integration, rather than work life balance. Finding that balance can be tough, and that's why we don't ask you to find it. When you start at Friendly Human you aren't necessarily starting your next career, but rather you're joining a new adopted family. We all know that every family has that crazy Aunt or Uncle, right? Well, it is no different here, let me introduce you to Zac.


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ten reasons why you want to work here.

  1. You will work with some amazing people.
  2. You will work on exciting and challenging projects for some of the coolest national and global brands around.
  3. You will become part of an amazing culture.
  4. You will work using some of the latest hardware and software.
  5. You will experience a rocket ship of growth, in large part due to your role.
  6. You will learn and grow more than you would anywhere else.
  7. You will get paid well (but maybe not more than what you’re making today).
  8. You will become a proud member of the O4W.
  9. You will get frequent opportunities to gain SkyMiles, use your passport, and make new friends.
  10. You will be honored and loved for what you do, and will be pushed to accomplish more than you ever thought possible.

current openings.

Unfortunately, we are not hiring for any positions currently. Please keep your eyes peeled for any future opportunities. 🙂