calling all interns.

If being a part of the video above looks like something you'd be interested in, look no further! Like most students, you are probably stressing right now about getting your next or first internship and making sure you are prepared to enter the "real world". Chances also are if you intern at other companies you'll be known as "coffee runner" or "paper getter" or worst yet, "intern". While we can't promise we won't call you "intern", we can promise you a fulfilling internship with lots of learning, exposure and most importantly, fun!

production intern.

As a production intern, you will be working directly under our Production Director, John Jurko, as his right-hand man/woman. You will gain insight into what a video producer role looks like and get a multitude of hands-on experience.

shooter/editor intern.

As a shooter/editor intern, you will be working closely with some of the best DP's in the business - Zac, Nick, and Cristian. You'll help out where needed from editing in Adobe Premiere to being an extra hand on set and in the studio!