John Jurko

Mayor of Missions


I come from a family of Romanian bootleggers. They were friendly bootleggers. They started their own village in Ohio so people could dance on Sundays. Things were tough in the 20s, and my family wanted everyone to have a good time. I studied film and philosophy in university, spent some time working on indie films in L.A., and eventually found my way to Atlanta where I met up with Friendly Human. I love this city and the community of artists and friends I’ve found myself in the midst of.

When I’m not attempting to be creative - working on a film, a podcast, or a website - I find myself having adventures in the great outdoors and far away cities, punishing myself with strange physical challenges like Spartan races and 100-mile bicycle rides, or just relaxing with friends over a dinner and a movie.

Favorite Quote

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken. ”

– Oscar Wilde

Fun Facts

1. I was the mayor of a village and a guitarist in a rock band at the same time.
2. Rode a bicycle from Vancouver, Canada to Ensenada, Mexico.
3. Love reading philosophy books. (Nerd alert!)
4. Built a treehouse with candystriped carpeting in high school.
5. I’ve watched the movie Aliens more than any other.
6. I had to pull the reserve chute on my first skydive.