Zac Holben

Destructor of Deliverables


I wear lederhosen to work on Mondays. Not all Mondays, but some are enough. I love all things motorcycles, climbing, surfing, quantum mechanics, long walks on the beach and a good bourbon by the fire. My preferred method of transportation is either via skateboard or horseback. Some might call me old fashioned.

Someone once told me that I was too broke to be this eccentric. (Thanks, Mom.) I get my rocks off in humanitarian videography and have dabbled in some animal conservation content. It’s important to note that I have no formal education or qualifications, but I have seen lions have sex in the wild.

I love being surrounded with motivated humanitarians with a knack for the hustle. And at Friendly Human, we're all real humans. No small talk, no cubicles, no restrictions. We're here to change the world and give more to those with less. The best, most unconventional, off-the-cuff jabronees I’ve ever had to share hotel rooms with. No two of us are the same and we all bring something to the table, as a unit the most qualified media machine there is. The Tesla of content if you will.

Favorite Quote

“Daniel Roberts is my favorite boss. I also forgot to write my favorite quote. ”

– Zac Holben

Fun Facts

1. Has been called the songbird of my generation. (no one's ever said that)
2. Bubble baths are life.
3. He once sailed in a regatta with Ted Turner's son and his girlfriend kissed Zac. Claim to fame baby.