15Five Testimonials



One of the challenges that faces startups is credibility. Sure the features look flashy, but does it really work? When Bay Area startup 15Five approached us, we already knew the answer. We’ve been using 15Five at Friendly Human for years, and it’s been invaluable. 15Five allows teams within the company to stay connected through a weekly survey. It’s a consistent opportunity to ask the questions that need asking. “How’s morale feeling?” or “What have you learned lately?”

How We Did It

Customers want to know if it will work for someone in their situation, so we told the story from three different tiers of customer sizes. This showed the flexibility of the platform to adapt to various situations. While at Friendly Human we use it company wide, at a company the size of Mailchimp, they implement it only within certain teams. Because things like branding need to be able to change as a startup grows, we kept the look of the campaign super clean and classic.