ABM Safety


Founded in 1909, ABM is one of the world’s largest facility management providers with over 100,000 employees globally. Needing a new campaign targeted around employee safety practices, ABM asked us if we’d be interested in the project.

Let’s be candid here. Safety training for janitorial services, even if it is for a Fortune 500 company, isn’t exactly the sexiest of topics. Then we realized that we had the opportunity to impact the lives of not just 100,000+ employees, but also their families as well. We knew three things. We work hard to be good at what we do. Safety training usually sucks. And we could do it better. Not to be morbid, but statistically speaking this might mean that a kid’s mom or dad would get to come home one night.


How We Did It

With that weight on our shoulders we internalized the gravity of getting this project right. We defined a strategy of making it stylish, engaging, and conversational. If there was an Oscar for “worst lighting,” it’d probably go to a run-of-the-mill safety training video.

We wanted to catch people’s attention right off the bat with a different high tech look. For this we used an elaborate lighting setup and a tightly controlled color palette grounded in ABM’s core brand colors. To make it engaging we leveraged humor in the B Roll where appropriate. Lastly we knew we’d lose people if they couldn’t relate to it. Not only did we translate the content into half a dozen languages, including Albanian, but we found what might be the only voice over artist in all of Albania so people wouldn’t have to read subtitles.