GWCCA’s territory spans much of the western end of downtown Atlanta, including Centennial Olympic Park, the Georgia World Congress Center, and the Georgia Dome, as well as countless parking spaces for all of these venues. Giving event planners an overview of such a large area can be quite a challenge. Another challenge is the fact that when you’re on the ground, in the middle of the space, you have no perspective of how big it really is, so we knew we had to get some height for the camera angles.

How We Did It

With a 20 minute walk each way between far ends of our camera positions, this was a logistical challenge to say the least. We had teams on three different rooftops (with permission from three different governing bodies) to capture different angles. We utilized a robotic motion control rig to show the ease of foot traffic flow over time. We hired an aerial cinematographer to lend a sense of grandeur to the space with shots from the sky. Once we got back to the editing room, we knew we wanted to take people on a journey as they watched the piece. For this we composed a custom score in house, utilizing three very different musical styles that somehow worked together. Weeks of planning and several days of shooting turned into a truly magical tour of the entire environment.