James Beard Awards


As an organization that looks to celebrate some of the best restaurateurs and chefs, Friendly Human worked with the local Atlanta James Beard Award nominees to help tell their story in a unique and authentic way. Working with three different restaurants, Gunshow, StapleHouse, and the Miller Union, we met some amazing people and amazing chefs along the way. While we didn’t try any of the food we shot, we must admit that it was a little difficult to focus with the amazing aromas.

How We Did It

Partnering with the James Beard Foundation has been a match made in heaven for our in-house chef and CEO, Daniel Roberts. A man that can take an eggplant and turn it into a gourmet meal for 20. After getting connected with the foundation through an employee, we had the honor to meet the brains behind some of the award nominees in Atlanta. We shot at each of the three locations, highlighting the food, the chefs, and the atmosphere.