Mailchimp Pro

Launch Videos


MailChimp is an Atlanta-based email marketing company trusted by millions of businesses around the world to send hundreds of billions of emails each year. When they were getting ready to launch their biggest release to date, Mailchimp Pro, they needed a way to clearly communicate the technical value propositions of the new offering, while staying within precise and exacting product branding.

How We Did It

We knew the look had to match existing photography perfectly. From the lighting of the subject to the exact shade of pale green for the backdrop, this created the highly “curated” look of the campaign. This was juxtaposed with their Chief Data Scientist speaking in a relaxed tone to make the information conversational and consumable. Motion graphics were used to create examples of the product that wasn’t yet live. This is still the only shoot to date where one of our directors has been heard saying, “Could you please slouch a little more?”