New Story Charity

Non Profit


New Story is a Y-Combinator backed nonprofit turning tent slums into sustainable communities all over the world one home at a time. They rebuild communities that have been hit by disaster or devastation in places like Haiti, El Salvador, and Bolivia. By providing a transparent online donation process where 100% of all public donations go straight to projects, they’ve dramatically increased transparency in giving. While Friendly Human has already helped them communicate how great the need is, they came to us for a way to explain the impact a home can have in a relevant way.

How We Did It

Shooting overseas is always a challenge, but with its lack of infrastructure and unique language, a place like Haiti can be especially challenging. With just a few days on the ground, our team was able to vet several different potential families before finding the one featured here. The love interest in the story helped bridge the culture gap and make their story more relatable to an US audience.


Director: Nick Smith Producer: Daniel Roberts