Same Page Intro


“Yeah, the executive said she likes Beats By Dre, because of all the colors they come in.”
“Oh, cool! That I can work with.”
“Good! You have a week and a half.”

And that’s the entirety of the brief we were given to create this piece.

How We Did It

Having worked with The Home Depot consistently for several years we had a lot of context as to what this needed to be. It was the 30 second intro to their weekly internal manager’s show, SAME PAGE. We’d already been producing a weekly segment for the show for over a year. We’d been wanting to inject some additional colors into the Home Depot palate for a while now, and this was the perfect opportunity to do that. Literally.

For the clouds of paint, we immediately ordered a giant aquarium and an underwater camera housing. You know, the usual for a shoot like this. Each time we would do a 4 second take, it would take half an hour to reset the scene.

We knew we wanted some hand lettering to break up the otherwise industrial look. Thankfully one of our team members already knew the artist, the amazing Ali Nelson. After we designed the image for her to paint, she crushed the painting and lettering.

It all came together to create something unique and memorable that the client loved and we’re super proud of.