Tirso Alvarado


To most people, being a janitor is just a job. It relentlessly means cleaning and picking up other peoples mess. To Tirso, being a janitor means so much more. Working just a block away from Krog Street Market, we find ourselves eating there entirely too much. Consistently one thing stood out to us each and every visit. We noticed Tirso going out of his way to make people smile, make people laugh, and make sure everyone was enjoying their visit. We also came to find out that on his lunch break he would draw all of the happy people around him instead of taking a typical break. When the need arrived for ABM to highlight one of their employees, we immediately knew that Tirso was the right man for the job.

How We Did It

On a Tuesday afternoon, we packed up the majority of our gear from the studio and walked down to the market. Despite a little fear of Tirso being camera shy, he was just about the opposite. He was so happy and honored to be highlighted that he dropped everything that morning and was one of the easiest people to work with. With only a two hour window to shoot before the lunch rush hit the market, we had to set up our gear, get the shots, and tear down as quickly as possible. With next to no time to spare, we got one amazing story of a janitor that is much more than a just janitor.