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Clients We Love &
Causes We Support

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Companies / Causes to List:

  1. The Home Depot
  2. New Story Charity
  3. MailChimp
  4. Cox Enterprises
  5. Metro Atlanta Chamber
  6. 15Five


  • Brooke Beach – CEO, Kevy
    Friendly Human is a team of true storytellers who are able to see into the personality of a brand and display it through video. Their combination of humor, professionalism and insight lends to a fantastic experience and even better outcome. Their customers come first and they have a unique ability to bring out the best side of brands, people and businesses.”
  • Laura Rives – Marketing Manager, Hannon Hill
    “We are very impressed with quality and timeliness of Friendly Human’s work. In just a couple of weeks they conceptualized, filmed, and edited a fantastic on-brand video that we are proud to host on our site. We couldn’t be happier with the finished product.”
  • Mikhail Avady – CMO, SmartUp Legal
    “As a CMO it’s really important that I position myself to look good for my clients, but it’s equally important that my coworkers also appreciate the work I’m doing. Friendly Human produced a video that I could be proud of; our clients were impressed and my staff had a wonderful experience.”
  • Mark Butler – CEO, CXO Staffing
    “Friendly Human is the best-of-the-best in crafting stories that grow businesses and all-around good people to boot.”