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#trendingORANGE – The Home Depot

How do you promote mentorship and the near limitless growth opportunities within a 400,000+ person organization. Through video of course!



Producing content on a weekly basis is demanding, but very engaging for your team, especially when you have an employee count of nearly 400,000!  Every week throughout the year there is a 1 hour TV/Streaming show produced by the internal video production team at The Home Depot (HDTV). The show is called “The Same Page” and is hosted by Anne Marie Campbell, Executive Vice President – U.S. Stores.  This series has been running for many years and for the past several years, Friendly Human has had the honor to produce the first 5 minute intro segment called #trendingORANGE.






Weekly Series


#trendingORANGE is filmed each week at a unique Home Depot location highlighting mentorship and stories of how employees become leaders by following leaders who they themselves have been mentored throughout their careers.  When the folks at HDTV came to us, they were producing each story through a huge list of local contractors across the country, which led to logistical complications, and left the intro segment without a consistent look, emotion, and ultimately, cost.


Part of the challenge is the sheer number of locations. Many of them are distant from any major cities or airports. This is a map of the past 130 or so locations we’ve shot #trendingORANGE stories at. (In case you’re wondering, yes, the team fought over who got to do the Puerto Rico shoot!)


That’s where our process and product came to the rescue.  We now shoot weekly stories throughout the year under the same process and with the same teams, ultimately delivering the highest quality, quickest turnarounds, and most enjoyable experience to the entire Home Depot team!  No matter where the Home Depot store is, freezing, or at the beach, the process, cost, and quality is always consistent and turnkey.




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