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Make A Difference – ABM Industries

So how do you highlight the people behind the scenes who “Make a Difference” every day and who run some of the largest establishments around the country?  You create a monthly video series putting them in the spotlight!



ABM is one of the largest companies that you may have never heard of but most likely have benefited from.  ABM employees operate some of the largest buildings, spaces, and places in the world. Yep that’s right, places like the Atlanta International Airport.  And they do everything, from parking, to cleaning and even the people who greet you to our amazing country when you arrive from an international flight. It’s these amazing folks that work often times behind the scenes every day to make our world function without us even knowing it.


Make A Difference


ABM Industries




Shooting a monthly series that follows a consistent creative design and aesthetic in a controlled environment is difficult enough, but once you introduce a unique monthly location with its own set of variables and situations, it can become super tricky.  Often times working in security clearance controlled areas, interviewing midnight shift employees, and even secret underground tunnels you have to rely on your experience and process. 


Quite literally we sometimes get down and dirty for our client.  We tell the story of how an employee has stood out and “Makes a Difference” in a unique way at their jobs.  And over the course of this series, we have really found some amazing stories!  It is truly amazing to know how hard these kind people work many times behind the scenes every day to make our experiences at these locations more enjoyable.




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