Leverage the power of video to connect with job candidates like never before.

Give Candidates The Experience They Want


Minutes of online video consumed each day.


Increase in time on page for video job ad over text job ad.


Of executives say they would rather watch a video over text.
Time for a change

Stop throwing content at the wall hoping something sticks.

We’ve found that creative endeavors almost never fail for lack of creativity but rather for lack of process. Perhaps you’ve noticed the same to be true in your organization. You wouldn’t build a house without blueprints or a foundation, yet we’ve seen so many companies build content without having a solid plan in place.

That’s why we’ve taken all of our experience from creating thousands of pieces of content across hundreds of clients, and built a recruitment marketing content framework based on results.

A Company-Wide Solution

Six Key Pillars

Through creating thousands of videos in the EBRM space, our research has shown that there are six key content pillars to establishing your employer brand and thus a content driven recruitment marketing strategy. Five of them are key pieces of content, and you may already have many of those. The sixth is where most employer brands fall apart, an attractive place to display them all.

Vision Video

1-3 CXO’s clearly stating where you’re headed.

HQ Tour

Allow candidates to feel at home around campus, before they ever set foot there.


89% of Americans believe companies have a responsibility beyond the products they make.

Day In The Life

This isn’t your grandma’s day in the life video. Take an immersive approach with your most engaged employees.

Culture Video

Tell candidates who you are and what you stand for.

Interactive Library

Quit playing hide and seek with your content. Imagine all of it in a beautiful, central location.


Scalable Location Specific Solutions

Whether you have five locations or five hundred, our teams are capable of ensuring each one is featured in a consistent fashion across the whole organization.

Scalable Video
Job Descriptions

We’ve created cost effective packages for video job descriptions.  Whether you need to feature just a handful or roles or you’re staffing up across an entire new division, we’ve got your back.

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