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Culture is one of the most important aspects of attracting and retaining top talent.  Read below to see a great example of how culture content can be so powerful to inspire and attract a high performing workforce!



Company culture is critical to the ethos of your brand and is the glue that holds a cohesive workforce together.  We believe that culture should be celebrated and highlighted often.  Cox needed a strong culture film to be highlighted on their main career page for the specific division of Communications.  So you hear stories from leaders, employees, and examples of how company values play a critical role in everyone’s job and life at Cox Communications.


Working for Cox Communications


Cox Communications


Hiring Campaign


Culture.  What is it?  How do you capture it?  Well, it certainly takes some practice, planning, patience, and most importantly… authenticity.  This project was filmed over a two day span in order to hear from top leadership and what culture and experience employees and candidates can expect.  It is no easy task to squeeze in executives from all across the org chart, and after that tell a cohesive and persuading story.  

We set out to develop a plan that would capture the story in a timely manner while all the while capture supporting footage that highlighted the headquarters of Cox Communications in Atlanta, Georgia.


Through culture videos, you can reach a wide audience from attracting top talent, retaining your workforce, and even showing the outside world what your company is all about.  We make it easy to get in front of the camera and be transparent about what core values drive a person, team and company to be who they are. Culture content can be used in many different situations, from internal comms to job postings and social media posts!




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