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Day In The Life – Cox Communications

Everyone’s seen boring day in the life videos, but it turns out there’s no law that says they have to suck. And we are out to make Day in Life videos that resonate with your entire workforce.



In today’s world, the highest skilled candidates want to know exactly what it’s like to work for a company.  They want to know what core values are shown by current employees and if they are going to be treated like a number, or part of the family.  Day in the Life videos (DITL) work really great to show how your company values its people and we have created some amazing DITL videos for COX Talent Acquisition.  Below are examples from a hiring campaign at COX Communications, and by the time you are done watching… we think you’ll agree… COX is really doing it right!


Day In The Life


Cox Communications




Let’s face it… one of the main challenges in creating a resonating DAY IN THE LIFE series, is to be genuine and authentic.  Normally there are plenty of great stories to tell, but what is difficult is finding the “right” fit for each story, position, theme, or topic we are wanting to highlight in the content.  Through our proven process of screening employees via virtual video calls and story discovery we guide your team to make a final decision on the best candidates possible.  From there the challenges only continue to find best shoot locations, interesting b-roll scenes, and local city highlights to compliment the actual employee and their community.


All the stories in this campaign were centered around hiring in the Phoenix, Arizona area. We were able to use the distinct look that the desert scenery provides to communicate a local community feel through the videos.


When you work with us to create a DITL, it’s mandatory that we spend a full “Day in the Life,” with the person we are capturing.  That means literally an entire day (or at least what is legal for your company haha).   Normally we kick off the day at 7am when the employee is waking up, and end up having drinks and eating dinner with them!  This really allows our crew to mesh with your people, uncover those simple yet powerful nuances about a person, and ultimately create the most resonating piece of content that attracts, engages, and retains top talent.

*watch the BTS video at the bottom if you want to see just how fun and organic these shoots can be!




Ok, let’s have a quick discussion about a topic we take very seriously around here… Fun. We believe that life is too short to not enjoy the people you work with. On this shoot, we even found some time to go on a hot air balloon ride with the client before heading back.



Georgia World Congress Center
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The Home Depot
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