Todd Love


Team Depot is The Home Depot’s volunteer force, working to improve the lives of U.S. military veterans and aid communities affected by natural disasters. One of the challenges of running a corporate foundation is being transparent about the good you are doing while never bragging about it. And Team Depot does a ton of good to be transparent about. For this project, they had teamed up with other organizations to build a brand new handicap-accessible home for a disabled veteran. The other challenge when doing foundation work is avoiding playing the sympathy card. We believe that drains people, and would rather inspire them instead.

How We Did It

First, there’s no substitute for a great story. Thankfully Team Depot had already found that in Todd Love. A triple amputee with an amazing attitude, he was more than up to the challenge. To avoid bragging, we left out all mention of The Home Depot and Team Depot. They have an amazing team who knew that you don’t have to slap your logo on everything all the time. Second, to avoid playing the sympathy card, we chose not to show a wide shot of the talent for the first half of the piece. We wanted the audience to focus on Todd and his story. By the time we let them in on our little secret, we’re getting ready to inspire them with the fact that he still grabs life by the horns.

A little while after we delivered it, we were asked to cut a 30 second version of it, because ESPN’s College Game day wanted to feature it during a game. We went to work, but shortly received another call saying that ESPN loved it so much that they decided to play the entire short. Touchdown!