Creating good content, be it a Palm d ‘Or worthy video or a Pulitzer prize-winning blog post, is important in any marketing campaign. In fact, according to most marketers, having good content can increase leads and engagement by 70%. Nevertheless, a good video, image, or article can only take you so far. It is a matter of making sure your masterpiece is seen by the right people. 

Don’t let your great content go to bad, ill-conceived campaigns. Below are just a few ways to ensure your critically-acclaimed masterpiece becomes a box-office success: 


Fine Tune Your Definition of Target Audience

One of the biggest mistakes companies commit when creating content is trying to cast too big of a net. It is difficult to develop a voice, more so a product or a service, that everyone needs and can relate to. In the end, when you try to speak to everyone, you end up reaching no one. 

In content marketing, it is important to define your audience because you want to tailor-fit the video, blog, or infographic you are making to the people you want to reach. You want your content to be valuable to them.

Defining your target audience starts with answering these questions:

  • Who did you create the product for?
  • Who are your current customers?
  • Who are your competitors? 

In answering these questions, you can craft a simple and one-liner of a definition of who your target audience is. 

Take us at FH for instance, we create and distribute content for remarkable, socially aware brands with great stories to tell. 


Create Content That Your Audience Care About

When you are creating content, it is easy to assume that your product or service should always be front and center. However, hard selling isn’t always the way to go. You end up sounding like a broken record and unfortunately, no one is buying  

It is important to talk about what you do. But it is just as important to consider what your audience wants to hear. 

There are several ways to figure out what your audience wants to consume. It is a smart idea to vet your competitors and see what they are producing. This way you get an idea of what kind of content is out there. It is your job to improve on it and have it stand out. 

It is also a good idea to take a look at your homestead. If your business is active on social media platforms, you can look at the stats and determine the kind of posts that generate more engagement. You can also get the information from the horse’ mouth by taking a look at the comments. Your potential clientele might already be giving you direction on what kind of content they want to see. 


Be Where They Are

Knowing who your audience is and what they like is as essential as figuring out where they are. You wouldn’t want to be screaming into the internet void. 

Start with social media. Which platform is, as the kids say it, poppin? Your content would do best shared in the platform that gets the most engagement. Be warned: make sure that what you post is aligned to where you post them. No one wants to read several paragraphs on Twitter, nor does anyone care for a funny, mildly inappropriate video on Linkedin. 

Aside from social media, venturing into the, arguably, cold-sweat inducing world of SEO is an interesting way for your content to reach your intended audience. There are still plenty of people, to the tune of 87% of internet users, who use search engines to look for products. Aligning your content with SEO strategies is a great way to be discovered by willing and engaged consumers.  

At Friendly Human, we put our clients first and this results in successful collaborations. The same can be applied to running an impressive content marketing campaign. With your audience’ needs at the center, you would never lose your way. 



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